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Art direction Lead Product Design UI UX Visual

Greetings I'm Albert
I'm, award winning UI and UX Designer for multiple platforms, focused on user interaction design and high end user experience development.

Since 2007 i'm on this road as a digital designer, combining digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver beautifully built solutions on a global scale.

Specialties: Multi-platform Design, User interface design, User Experience Design, Co-developer, Responsive design, Usability, Information Architecture, Wireframe, WorkFlow, User-Centered Design, Application(iOS and Android) Optimization, Design Process Management, Branding, UI, UX. HTML, CSS, jQuery, Web Design UI Design, UX Design

Sportsbook AR experience concept

Dive into the extended reality

  • Scope XR
  • Role Product Designer
  • Tools Figma
  • Duration 2 Weeks<


This concept elevates our existing sportsbook application by integrating extended reality (XR), transforming the traditional betting experience. It introduces immersive XR features.
This innovation sets a new standard, merging digital and physical realms for an unparalleled sports betting experience.

Link to the existing project


In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, sports betting applications face the constant challenge of engaging users in a meaningful and interactive way. Our company’s existing sportsbook application was efficient and popular among users; however, it lacked the immersive experience that modern users crave. With the rise of XR technology, there was a clear opportunity to innovate and set a new standard for interactive betting. The primary challenges were:

  • Integrating XR technology without compromising the app’s existing functionalities.
  • Ensuring seamless real-time position tracking and view size adjustments to enhance user immersion.
  • Maintaining a user-friendly interface that caters to both seasoned bettors and newcomers to the XR platform.


Designing the main sportsbook UI panels was a direct and clear task, yet the development of the “Match Center”—a feature intended to display live events in real-time—posed a significant challenge. This intricate component demanded meticulous modeling and composition of a soccer field, along with the animation of live events, requiring a sophisticated blend of technical skill and creative vision to bring dynamic, real-time sports action to life within the app.


The Impact

Currently, the product is undergoing user testing with a select group of four enthusiasts, aimed at gathering deeper insights through various use case scenarios and flows. This project has proven to be one of the most engaging experiences thus far, as it has uniquely demanded almost the full spectrum of my skills — from prototyping to concept art, and from 3D modeling to coding. This comprehensive involvement has not only allowed for a hands-on approach in every aspect of development but has also provided a rewarding opportunity to apply and refine my skills.