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Greetings I'm Albert
I'm, award winning UI and UX Designer for multiple platforms, focused on user interaction design and high end user experience development.

Since 2007 i'm on this road as a digital designer, combining digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver beautifully built solutions on a global scale.

Specialties: Multi-platform Design, User interface design, User Experience Design, Co-developer, Responsive design, Usability, Information Architecture, Wireframe, WorkFlow, User-Centered Design, Application(iOS and Android) Optimization, Design Process Management, Branding, UI, UX. HTML, CSS, jQuery, Web Design UI Design, UX Design

Sportsbook web application

  • Scope Desktop
  • Role Product Designer
  • Tools Sketch, After Effects
  • Duration 9 Weeks<



Atlas sportsbook is an industry-standard sports betting application that combines simplicity and power in a user-centric package.

It is a centric product of the betting projects line-up. It’s allowing people to find sports events around the globe and bet on various outcomes.



A lot of people like to bet on their favorite sports teams for fun. However, the majority of popular betting platforms look overcomplicated and bulky. Some of them even require training to start playing. 



To develop an Omni-capable B2B modular system that would provide partners with total flexibility on the one hand and provide B2C users with a smooth and enjoyable betting experience on the other hand.

My Role

I was responsible for an end-to-end design including visual and experience design.

Design Strategy

I worked closely with the project manager in this phase to ensure the smooth flow of each function inside the team. We had a lot of stakeholders interviews to determine a priority list.


We decided to go with the double demand strategy.

General Tasks

Executive intents

As a primary insight source, I have picked a qualitative analysis. I have interviewed 20 people, 10 with betting experience and 10 with absolutely no expertise in the betting field. The research purpose was to get the general idea from both points of view, as both of the types of users were equally important for us to provide the most enjoyable and adaptive experience

Below are some of the questions 

– What is your age?
– What is your profession?
– Average time spent watching sports games/reading articles?
– What device do you use?
– How often do you use social networks?
– How often do you spend time in sports bars?
– What is your primary online payment method?
– What do you feel when your team wins?
– Do you know about sports betting? Would you please tell me what your opinion is?
– What was the highest bet you have ever made?

Interview insights

Betting is complicated
Betting requires a lot of shady payment methods
It feels like an overcomplicated stock market.
I rather have a bet with a friend in the sports bar.
I like social media sports communities with predictions.




Competitive analysis

A competitive analysis is to group and evaluate competitors to find their strengths and weaknesses when comparing with ours

I come up with the learning that the two most popular competitors are polarly different as the first one was the one with leas amount of features and the best user experience and the second was the one with the worst user experience and highest features set. So I isolated the top features of both competitors and started to work with the project manager to prioritize the features and came up with milestones plan for a year and started executing it.

User flow

Based on previous steps, we have defined a basic user flow that displays the possible paths the user will take when navigating the core product.



Wireframes and Tests

Created a series of lo-fi sketches to simplify conversations with the stakeholders and make ideas and concepts visible and testable.

Still, the industry is specific and some of the features that are common in UI may seem weird, So besides the general challenges, there were a number of challenges concerning the main gambling applications complication, and that is that they are usually overloaded with information that is required for the advanced player but may become frustrating for a newbie. And so we pick an evaluation strategy that seems to fit ideally, the one highly concentrated on behavioral tendencies studying, via direct observation and eye-tracking software.



Based on that studies we ware on the right way, the attention was distributed the way I expected it to be.
Om that point I was ready to start working on the final design.

Final design

After several iterations and discussions with stakeholders and intermediate user interviews, the final versions have been up and running



One of the most extended and most exciting projects I have worked on. A project that challenged my whole skillset and let me learn a lot more.
As this project involved a crazy amount of user interviews, way more than I used to, I had access to a large amount of analytic data through which I have learned how dramatically vary verbal statements, and actually, observed behavior may vary